Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for Childbirth Malpractice

Giving birth is a medically and emotionally sensitive process. There’s so much at stake; not only the life and health of the mother, but that of the child. Mothers must practice good nutrition, healthy habits, safe exercise, and abstain from dangerous practices, like drinking, smoking and consuming drugs. While the mother’s preparations are vital, it’s also crucial that correct medical procedures and practices be performed. If the physician or medical staff engage in negligent or careless behavior that results in injury to the baby or the mother, hiring the help of a professional Reno personal injury attorney in order to pursue a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary. 


Prenatal Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice doesn’t necessarily occur just during birth; after all, there are nine months that precede the moment of childbirth where any number of problems can occur. It’s especially important that the mother’s doctor be extremely vigilant for any potential problems or conditions the mother may have. If the mother has an undiagnosed disease, it could fatally harm the child, such as neonatal lupus (where harmful antibodies cross over the placenta to the fetus). The mother could also experience other medical conditions that could harm the child, like hypoglycemia (an issue with blood sugar), anemia (a deficiency in iron), and preeclampsia (with dangerous fluid retention and high blood pressure), among many others. The doctor also needs to catch pregnancy-related conditions or birth defects that can be very dangerous, like an ectopic pregnancy. This occurs when the fertilized egg fails to attach to the uterus wall and develops elsewhere, preventing a viable pregnancy but potentially causing hemorrhaging and death to the mother. Healthy, normal pregnancies are possible with watchful care and safe, healthy habits, but a negligent doctor who fails to catch these types of conditions can cause disastrous consequences.


Childbirth Medical Malpractice

Negligent or careless medical practice during childbirth can also cause irreparable harm to the mother or child. Incorrect dosage of anesthesia may prevent the mother from experiencing the numbing effects needed for painless childbirth. The doctor may also fail to catch birth complications, like an oversized baby, a tangled umbilical cord, or a dangerous fetal position. In some situations, a caesarean surgery may be required, and a doctor who fails to order this procedure in a timely manner can put that baby and mother at risk. Monitoring the child’s oxygen levels and controlling the mother’s postnatal loss of blood are imperative to preventing any damage and injury. Misusing medical instruments, like forceps, can result in brain injury or other disorders to the child. In some situations, medial malpractice can result from not notifying the mother before attempts at conception of genetic conditions that would complicate a pregnancy. In other cases, pregnancy may not have been desired at all, and medical malpractice can result in faulty sterilization techniques. 


Getting Professional Help

Medical malpractice is extraordinarily complicated, particularly in proving the causation between injuries and medical practice. It’s essential that you get a qualified Reno personal injury attorney who is well-experienced with medical malpractice, especially those involving childbirth. 

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