Call a Bankruptcy Attorney for Help with Your Finances


Most people have friends they can confide in about personal worries. Some situations, however, are difficult to talk about, even to good friends. Financial troubles can fall into this category. If you have a substantial amount of debt and you are having difficulty making your payments, you may be embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it. Consequently, you may feel isolated and alone, and you may be unsure how to tackle your problems. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider consulting an attorney. A bankruptcy attorney in Miami can give you sound financial advice, and help you plot a course for your future.




One of the advantages of speaking to an attorney about your problems is that he or she will keep your information confidential. You don’t have to worry about divulging embarrassing information, because your attorney will protect your privacy. In fact, it is important to be completely honest with your attorney about your financial situation, so that your attorney can give you the most accurate advice possible. Your attorney will not judge you or condemn you for your financial situation. The focus will be on moving forward, and on making decisions that will improve your situation.


Mortgage Loan Modification


Hiring a bankruptcy attorney doesn’t necessarily mean that you intend to file for bankruptcy. There are other options in addition to bankruptcy that can help remedy your financial situation. One such option is a loan modification on your mortgage. If you are behind on your house payments, you may be worried about foreclosure. Loan modification is a way to rework your home loan so that your monthly payments are more affordable. Your mortgage company may be willing to modify your loan, rather than initiating foreclosure proceedings against you. Foreclosures can be time consuming and costly, and many mortgage companies prefer to let you continue making reduced payments rather than foreclosing. An attorney can help you negotiate with your mortgage company and decrease your monthly house payment.


Bankruptcy Filings


If reducing your mortgage payments won’t quite solve your financial problems, filing for bankruptcy is another option. There are several different types of bankruptcy, and your attorney can explain the details of each type. You may choose a Chapter 7 filing that requires you to sell your property in order to pay off as much of your debt as possible. Or you may choose a Chapter 13 filing, which allows you to reorganize your debt and continue making payments toward your home and vehicle. The benefit of having professional legal advice is that it allows you to make informed choices about your financial future. A bankruptcy attorney in Miami can be a valuable asset as you work to overcome your financial burdens. Most attorneys offer a free consultation, and this allows you to discuss your situation openly, and ask any questions you may have. Having someone to talk to about your situation can improve your outlook and help you realize that your situation is not as hopeless as it seems.