Get What You Deserve: Hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

It’s reassuring to know that you have regular, gainful employment. However, it’s also important to know that when the chips are down, the company that you’ve worked hard for will have your best interests in mind. Many companies offer worker’s compensation benefits to their employees who have been injured in the workplace. However, sometimes it takes an extra push to make sure you receive those benefits. Hiring a New Orleans employee benefit attorney is a good way to make sure that you get what has been promised to you.


Worker’s Compensation


The specific worker’s compensation benefits may vary from company to company. However, the general idea is that if you are the victim of an unavoidable injury while on the job, you will continue to receive pay from your job, despite the fact that you are physically unable to work. These payments are meant to be made weekly, functioning as a combination of disability insurance, coverage of medical expenses, and compensation for wages that you would have earned had you not been injured. Worker’s compensation claims are typically paid through your employer’s business insurance, rather than from the coffers of the company you work for.


Getting What You’re Entitled To


Unfortunately, worker’s compensation cases are not always cut and dry, at least not in the eyes of your company’s insurance provider. Many times, a person who was injured on the job ends up waiting an obscene amount of time to receive his or her benefits. While your company’s insurance provider is trying to find a loophole by which they can deny your claim, the bills are piling up at home. In some of the more dire cases, injured workers are unable to receive the full medical treatment they need until they receive their benefits and are able to cover the costs. That’s why hiring a New Orleans employee benefit attorney is the first thing you should do if you are injured while at work. An attorney who specializes in worker’s compensation cases will be able to keep track of what your employer’s insurance broker is up to and fight back against unfair claim denials. By collecting all the evidence and acquiring expert testimony, they’ll be able to create an airtight case which will yield you the payments you sorely need and rightfully deserve. If you’ve been injured on the job, schedule a free consultation with an attorney as soon as possible.