Getting the Most Out of Your Free Consultation

There are not a lot of professions from which you can receive free services. Physicians do not generally offer a free appointment. Auto mechanics do not often give you free labor. Attorneys, however, are often available for a free consultation to discuss your case. If you are seeking legal action, or if you are considering taking legal action, take advantage of this offer. To make the most of this opportunity, you should keep a few suggestions in mind. This will help the attorney assess your case quickly and offer you valuable advice.


Come Prepared

Before your consultation, make copies of all the documents that pertain to your case. These documents might include letters from the insurance company, medical bills, or collection notices. Bring these copies to your appointment so that the attorney can look at them and build a mental evaluation of your case. Help the lawyer by organizing your documents, rather than bringing in a plastic bag full of crumpled papers. The faster they can assess your claim, the more time they will have to discuss your case with you.


Leave the Kids at Home

As much as the attorney might love children, children generally find law offices boring. And bored children tend to be a distraction to both you and the lawyer. Ensure a productive appointment by leaving your children with a sitter, allowing your attorney to give their full attention and concentration to the important details of your case.


Be Open and Honest

When discussing your case, be sure to disclose everything in an open and honest manner. Even if the information is negative and may harm your claim, it is better to be upfront about the situation than to surprise your attorney during the court hearing. Remember that your lawyer is on your side and wants to fight for your best interests. The earlier they have the information, the sooner they can manage it.


Be Appreciative

Many clients incorrectly assume that attorneys are agencies that are obligated to provide legal services to anyone who asks for it. This is not the case, as law firms are private businesses. They do not have to accept your case. Keeping this in mind, be grateful for the opportunity to receive free advice at these early stages of your claim. Your appreciative and pleasant attitude may convince the attorney to take your case.


Ask Questions

It is in your best interest to be involved in your case and to understand the legal process as it pertains to your case. Your engagement in the proceedings may help your lawyer serve you better. However, you will be paying for their time once you hire their services. Take the opportunity to ask questions during your initial consultation so you can go forward with as much information as possible. You may need clarification about what to expect during your hearing, or you might want to discuss legal fees and payment options.


Listen to Their Advice

Listen to your attorney and give serious thought to what they ask of you. Their advice is based on years of training and advice. During your free consultation, they will give you suggestions that have your best interest in mind.