Start Over with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Over the past ten years, more and more American people have fallen on hard times. The housing market and economy both collapsed, and many people ended up underwater on their homes, out of work, or in other financial binds. The economy is well on its way to recovery, but for those who suffered the blows dealt by its fall, recovery can be a much longer, slower road. Sometimes that road is impassable. When it is, consulting with a reputable and respected Austin bankruptcy lawyer can provide a way through.

All is Not Lost

Losing a substantial percentage of your house’s value or losing a job can destroy your personal finances. Even the most fiscally responsible person can end up deep in debt as a result of unfortunate things such as these, regardless of good intentions or a previously immaculate track record. Foreclosures, car repossessions, credit card debt, and unpaid bills can ruin your credit and cause you immense amounts of stress. If you find yourself avoiding calls from collection agencies, leaving mail unopened because you know you can’t pay the bills, or wondering how you’re going to keep foreclosure at bay, you may feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or afraid. You don’t have to feel that way. There is hope. There is a path out.

The law provides a way for you to start fresh, either by reorganizing your debt or clearing it completely, depending upon your individual circumstances. To understand which option is available to you and the impact employing it would have, it is best to meet with an Austin bankruptcy lawyer, who can lay it all out for you clearly. He or she will explain the requirements for filing, what the process of doing so entails, and what it will mean for you going forward. He or she will be able to determine which form of bankruptcy will be most beneficial for you given your situation by assessing your income, debts, and other obligations. If you are struggling with your finances, giving an attorney a call is the first step to a fresh start.