What Not to Do with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles have a reputation for being extremely dangerous vehicles. Bullet bikes have earned the nickname “donorcycles,” and insurance rates on motorcycles of any kind can climb fairly high because of their risk rate. Motorcycles, however fun and freeing they may feel, leave their drivers and passengers very vulnerable because they are difficult to see for other drivers, and they provide minimum protection for those riding the motorcycles. Motorcycle accidents, for this reason, are often some of the scariest and most gruesome accidents on the road. And because they are hard to see, more often than not, the accident is not the motorcyclist’s fault. This may be where a motorcycle accident attorney Milwaukee comes in, as well as in almost any other location. Smaller accidents do not require a lawyer in most cases. But in larger accidents when you are not the one at fault, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is a wise decision to make.

Do Not Wait

This is the first mistake that people make when hiring an accident attorney after a motorcycle accident. Do not drag out the days until you contact an attorney. In truth, every day that passes is another day that your case has become weaker. Evidence fades and the seeming urgency of the situation fades along with it. If you wait to hire an attorney, it shows those in the legal system that your circumstance was not urgent enough to hire an attorney quicker. 

Do Not Be Careless with Who You Hire

Here are two words for you to remember: be picky. If you are going to spend your money on an attorney, spend it wisely. Don’t just go with the first motorcycle accident lawyer that you flip to in the phone book, or the first one that your friend tells you about. Do a bit of research on different lawyers that you can possibly hire. Take advantage of any free consultations that you may be offered. Ask them key questions, like their experience in the field and their success rate. Measure your personal sense of comfort with different lawyers. You will be working closely with whoever you hire for the next little while, so be careful about who you choose and make sure that communication with him or her is simple and clear. 

Do Not Give Opinions

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to tell the legal system anything but facts about the accident. If the other driver was truly at fault, the facts should show it. Mixing in opinions and pointing fingers will only weaken your case and make you appear as if you are trying to make excuses to escape from the blame.

Collect all of the data you can, and with the help of your Motorcycle accident attorney Milwaukee area, you can build a strong case on the foundation of those facts. If it’s not damaged too much to do so, pull out your phone and take pictures of the accident. Nobody can argue with visual evidence that they can confirm with their own eyes. Do not tamper with the pictures, as this can be detected by a computer and does not appear honest. You and your attorney can gain the compensation you need if you stay on the right track.