What Does A Family Law Attorney Do?

A family law attorney in Sacramento is trained and educated to help families and individuals through various legal procedures dealing with family law. This covers a wide array of categories, and we will discuss a few of those in this post.


When couples split up, there are a number of issues that have to be dealt with, including financial and other assets as well as child custody. While most divorces are amicable, and the couple is willing to work together to make the process as painless as possible, other divorces are fraught with tension and anger. In these situations, both of the spouses should retain their own attorneys so that their interests are represented.

Child Custody And Childrens Rights

Minors especially very small children are not able to stand up for their rights and needs. Family law practitioners help to ensure that these innocents are treated fairly, including mediating agreements for custody and child support. In addition to children suffering from the divorce of their parents, attorneys can act as liaisons for couples wishing to adopt a child or children.

Spousal Support

When one party of a divorcing couple will be forced to face a huge decrease in standard of living, the wealthier spouse may be ordered to pay spousal support. For instance, a woman who has born and raised children and has not worked outside the home may face devastating financial difficulties after a divorce because of her lack of workplace skills or current employment. If her former husband enjoys a lucrative career, he may end up paying a monthly stipend to his ex-wife for a specific amount of time or until she remarries. In this case, it will allow the woman to continue her education or support her while she is looking for employment. Spousal support is different from child support. Child support monies are meant to be used only for a childs needs for education, food, shelter, clothing, etc.

Creating a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, arent commonplace for most couples in the United States. They are, however, valuable in situations where one or both of the individuals who are to be married come into the marriage with a great deal of money or anticipate making a great deal of money. A family law attorney in Sacramento can help you draft a prenup that will stand up in court, should the unfortunate event of a divorce take place, but to make them legally solid, both parties should have a lawyer of their own.

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